Epicute Pouches

These are not your average EpiPen cases. Our slender and comfortable epicute pouches easily adapt to your lifestyle and won’t slow you down from tackling life’s adventures. They accommodate a variety of asthma inhalers and auto-injectors including EpiPen®, ALLERJECT®, AUVI-Q®, Emerade™, etc, and come in a range of sizes from toddler to adult. With a myriad of fun prints to choose from, you're sure to find one that suits every personality in your family. And because we know things can get a little messy sometimes, our pouches are machine washable. Find out more about our pouches, including the Classic, Mini, Clip and Insulated models.

Sewing scissors and notions (thread and pins). Every Epicute Pouch is made by hand.

Our Promise

Each epicute pouch is carefully handmade in Canada, with high quality materials in whimsical prints and a range of comfortable styles. Carrying your auto-injector never looked or felt so good.

About our Pouches