Our Story

Our website model, 4 year old Esmée, is also the inspiration behind epicute. When Esmée’s mom Mia, couldn’t find an EpiPen case she thought would be comfortable enough to wear all day long and that wouldn’t interfere with everyday activities, she ended up making one herself. 

After getting compliments from other parents, Mia realized that there was wider interest in the slender design, body hugging fit and vibrant prints she had made and other parents began to ask to buy some for their own kids, and also for themselves! 

Esmée is also the "captain" of the “epicute tester squad”. It is a group of amazing kids (and parents) with severe food allergies who have helped inform the epicute brand through sharing their insights and experiences. We can confidently say that our epicute pouches are “kid tested and approved”.

We understand that needs change depending on model of auto-injector and stage of life, and we offer a variety of styles to cater to kids, teens, parents, care givers, educators, health care professionals, and more!

We hope that you’ll give one of our epicute pouches a try for yourself and let us know what you think. We appreciate your feedback. 

 Smiling lady with brown shoulder length hair wearing a yellow hat