Sizing Chart

For waist/hip wearing
measure around the waist/hips where you would like the pouch to sit.
For crossbody wearing
measure over the shoulder and around the torso to approximately the opposite elbow.


 Epicute Size Adjustable Belt Style Elastic Strap Style
XS 46 cm-69 cm / 18"-27" 51 cm / 20"
S 53 cm-84 cm / 21"-33" 63.5 cm / 25"

61 cm-99 cm /24"-39"

76 cm / 30"
L 74 cm-122 cm / 29"-48" 89 cm / 35"
XL 84 cm-147 cm / 33"-58" 102 cm / 40"

Measure using a cloth measuring tape and follow the instructions above for waist/hip wearing and/or crossbody wearing. 

ADJUSTABLE BELT STYLE: Simply choose the size that your measurement falls under. The belt can be easily adjusted to wear around both waist/hip or crossbody, so just go with the larger measurement to choose your size. 

ELASTIC STRAP STYLE: For the elastic strap, it is best to choose how you would like the pouch to be worn, either around the waist/hip or crossbody as it typically will not fit perfectly both ways. Measure according to what you decide, and if you don't land on the exact measurement listed, round up or down to the closest size depending if you'd like it more snug or loose. 

TIP: Don't have a cloth measuring tape? Follow our body measurement instructions but instead of using a cloth measuring tape, swap it out for a piece of string instead.  Make a little mark on the string after taking the measurement, and then lay the string down on a flat surface and measure it out with a metal measuring tape.

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