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The Sidekick - Classic Clip Pouch

The Sidekick - Classic Clip Pouch

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We have most of our Classic Collection available with a clip so it can tag along with you everywhere you go. It attaches easily to your purse, backpack or simply to your belt loop. No more digging around endlessly in a giant bag for your auto-injector (especially when every second counts). 

The Classic Pouch is designed to snugly fit up to two of the same auto-injector, including: EpiPen®, ALLERJECT®, AUVI-Q®, Emerade™ 0.3 mg dose, OR a single Emerade™ 0.5 mg dose. If being used for inhalers, it can hold 1-3 depending on style/size.

Dimensions are approximately 7.5 cm W x 21 cm L. 

Please note, since each pouch is handcrafted from larger swaths of fabric, the one you receive may not be exactly the same as pictured. 

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