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The Phantom - Classic (Special Edition)

The Phantom - Classic (Special Edition)

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Shine a teal light on food allergy while sporting this ghoulish pouch.

Exterior Fabric: Orange with white ghosts and white stars outlined in black  (100% cotton)
Interior Liner: teal with white triangles (100% cotton)
Zipper: light blue (YKK)
Elastic Strap: teal (50% Nylon 35% Spandex 15% Polyester)

Dimensions are approximately 13 cm W x 20 cm L. 

The Classic Pouch is designed to snugly fit up to two of the same auto-injector, including: EpiPen®ALLERJECT®, AUVI-Q®, Emerade™ 0.3 mg dose, OR a single Emerade™ 0.5 mg dose. If being used for inhalers, it can hold 1-3 depending on style/size.

Available with an elastic strap. Not sure what size to choose? Our SIZING CHART will steer you in the right direction.

Please note, since each pouch is handcrafted from larger swaths of fabric, the one you receive may not be exactly the same as pictured. 

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